Photography by Dirk Jonker

You might ask yourself: why do I need a photographer?

Because you deserve to present yourself to the world in the best light.

A good photo shows more than just your features. It shows who you are in context: you and your family, you and your friends, you and your business. Your shiny new toy, your fantastic new product and your special event - you can't be fully present in these pictures if you're worried about the camera or thinking about the light and lining up your camera smile.

When people look at photographs of you, what do they see?

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To celebrate my birthday on 29 January and the registration of Real Happy Pictures (Pty) Ltd I'm offering a discount on family photo shoots:

Do you find it difficult to get good photographs of your kids because they run around too much? Did you end up with badly framed, blurred images - or ratty kids that look like they've been told to keep still for a photograph? Even worse, the dreaded "camera smile".

As a (slightly) hyper-active adult, I appreciate that it can be challenging to take photos of your kids - because they won't sit still. I don't expect them to - some of my favourite photos come from the powerful imagination of an active child, and my willingness to run along and play!

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A family portrait shoot at home or on the beach is a beautiful reminder of the familial bonds and relationships we share.

Head Shots are an essential tool for every actor and model. You cannot book the job if they don't know what you look like now.

Every athlete that  completes an event deserves recognition, even if the win doesn't come down to a photo-finish.